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Medication Safety Pledge Campaign
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Medication Safety Pledge
Medication Safety Pledge Campaign
Medication Safety Pledge
Medication Safety Pledge Campaign

Caring about patient safety is a shared responsibility. For those who haven't yet pledged, your commitment can make a difference.

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A not-for-profit body representing healthcare institutions, diagnostic centres and quality professionals with an overarching aim to promote patient safety, quality and accreditation in healthcare ecosystem

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Participate in CAHO Awards, Contests and compete against the best.

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    Caho calender 09 Dec 2023

  • CAHO Congratulates - Dr. Alexander Thomas, Patron CAHO on receiving ASLI Founders Excellence Award (2023) for his contributions towards senior citizen community
    Caho calender 25 Nov 2023



“CAHO is a very professional organization and has been continuously striving to improve healthcare standards by raising concerns, helping to reach out and working on solutions with the industry experts and also by coordinating ample training opportunities that includes sharing best practices.”

Dr. Rajesh Nair
Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS),New Delhi

“A truely Innovative dais that brings all healthcare fraternity under a single roof to foster Quality health care provision”

Dr. Ann Vazhayil Kuruvilla
JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research, Mysore, Karnataka

“CAHO is a good organization with a contemporary, innovative and entrepreneurial approach that distinguishes it from other organisations. It has helped myself transform professionally. Organization is transparent and gives ample opportunities to learn more and work better.”

Dr. Harshan K H
Mount Zion Medical College, Adoor, Kerala

“CAHO has been a forum for discussing and understanding the requirements and amendments in the national and international standards of quality through conferences, CMEs and webinars. As a health care professional I am happy to be a part of this organisation to learn, contribute towards betterment of quality of healthcare”

Dr. N. Aishwarya
JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research, Mysore, Karnataka

“CAHO is a very professional organization and has been continuously striving to improve healthcare standards by raising concerns, helping to reach out and working on solutions with the industry experts and also by coordinating ample training opportunities that includes sharing best practices.”

Mr. Gaurav Loria
Apollo Hospitals Group

“Demand in Healthcare Industry of bringing all the HCOs under the gambit of quality and subsequently accreditation is at the peak. CAHO as an association of accredited HCOs has an important role in this field. We as members of CAHO are carrying on mentoring and hand-holding of non accredited hospitals in an organized way without commercial interest. In coming years, CAHO has an important role to play in healthcare industry”

Bhagat Hospitals Pvt.Ltd

“CAHO is an organisation committed to help all healthcare institutes, laboratories and hospitals through the journey of quality. The basic idea is to help and guide those who are just starting on this journey, the helping hand being of those who have already embarked on the flight of quality and those who are members of the accrediting bodies. It is also a forum for discussing and understanding the requirements and amendments in the national and international standards of quality through conferences, CMEs and webinars. Our aim is to encourage all healthcare organisations to step into the realm of quality for the betterment of patient care and our dream is to lead these organisations onto the path of accreditation.”

Dr.Seema Bhargava

“CAHO has helped me to educate myself and network, it has given me an opportunity to raise my level of knowledge on current issues, latest research and resolve complicated issues on healthcare with the help of thought leaders in the field by their various training programs and guidance. Their methodology to pause, reflect, learn, then act has been a good investment on myself.”

Dr. Bellipady Shyam Prasad Shetty
Professor & Head

“It is indeed a great privilege to be associated with CAHO, such an organization and platform which stands for creating and enhancing patient safety culture in the healthcare industry. Being a proud member of CAHO, it gives me lots of opportunities to be part of many patient safety initiatives at various levels. I wish the continuous efforts of the caho team can make a remarkable change in the healthcare industry to have a patient centered care model in the country. ”

Ms. Limi Abraham
Hospital Administrator

“CAHO is tangible and approachable to all the membersmuch more easily than NABH. It helps us to clarify all our doubts andget a clarity on Quality initiatives and policies. It is very active inconducting various activities and keeping all of us engaged.”

Dr. Jyothi P. R.
Deputy Medical Superintendent, Sagar Hospitals

“CAHO is the platform for all Health care staff to interact and understand the new initiatives , different challenges faced by individual HCOs and solutions for the same & Members get a chance to share the best practices to improve quality and safety of Pt care Also. Members get a chance to share the best practices to improve quality and safety of Pt care Also CAHO is the platform for  all Health care staff to interact and understand the new initiatives , different challenges faced by individual HCOs and  possible solutions for the same .Members get a chance to closely interact with prestigious NABH ,NABL etc. They can also participate in training of the health care staff and keep abreast with the latest in the field of healthcare.”

Lt. Col. C. Nirmala Iyer (Retd)
Director Nursing

“CAHO is a highly committed professional organization striving to help and assist healthcare organizations and professionals through guidance, continous workshops and trainings , sharing best practices, providing a platform for exchange of ideas and mentoring future Healthcare leaders. A true example of how organizations can be brought under a common platform to compliment each others in achieving goals.”

Mr. Gopinath Mamballikalam
Clinical Administrator

“I got to know about CAHO from my mentor, Dr. Amit Mandal (our Director Pulmonology and Critical Care) and Dr. Shweta Prabhakar (our Quality Lead). They told me about all the high-end workshops that this organisation is conducting and how I can upgrade myself and also contribute better towards improving the quality of patient care in our hospital by being a part of this group. It would be my privilege to be a part of this organisation.”

Dr. Parvinder Kaur Chawla
Senior Consultant

“Indian diagnostic industry with its huge market has enormous potential to become the topmost in Globe. Whereas talented, dedicated manpower is its strength, the weakness lies in its lack of being well organized. The sector consists of mainly fragmented, unorganized players where quality assurance is a matter of concern. The role of organization like CAHO is most important here to promote quality, accreditation and need for training of staffs at bench level. I think CAHO is in the direction with all its endeavors to bring a welcome change in Indian diagnostic industry. ”

Dr. Abhik Banerjee
Zonal Technical Chief (East)

“CAHO is a learning platform for improving safety & quality in healthcare by developing a network of important stakeholders. CAHO's role in providing leadership to NABH accredited health care organisations is highly commendable, Its partnership with national & international organisations ensures that course curriculums are academically comprehensive and meet industry standards for career growth.”

Dr. Rekha Keshan Khandelwal

“CAHO is a common tribune for the healthcare providers and accredited organisations who work in collaboration, share their best practices and it represent as a voice for millions of HCPs and HCOs in nationally and internationally. Our aim should be motivated Indian healthcare industry to enter into the quality care and better patient satisfaction gradually and continuously.”

Ms. Bidisha Basu
Chief of Nursing 

“CAHO provides a network of many HCO members with vast knowledge and professionals in medical and allied fields . It conducts regular  capacity building programmes and workshops which helps us to improve our perspective in the field , networking with organisations  focussing on quality and accreditation etc.”

Dr. Desu Rama Mohan
Professor & HOD

“The formation of a common platform for all the accredited healthcare organizations and laboratories in a healthcare system is a real need of time. The objective  “Promote accreditation” will play a major role in increasing the number of accredited healthcare institutes, which will eventually help in attaining the goal of providing quality healthcare with a focus on patient safety. I congratulate CAHO for bringing awareness regarding accreditation amongst the stakeholders.”

Dr. Jaydeep M. Gadhavi
Associate Professor, General Surgery

“CAHO address the unique challenges of preserving quality care as patients move across the care continuum.To maintain best practices, CAHO turns to its Standards Advisory Panel and their recommendations are refined based on a national field review of the standards and input from experts. Happy to be part off !!!”

Mrs. Femy Eldhose
Nursing Superintendent

“CAHO is a place you can enrich yourself with knowledge all under one roof. It prompts every professional to learn and unlock next chapters in their career path. Connecting with every professional is a twist to creativity and sharing of knowledge.”

Ms. Deepthi Rebekah 
Assistant Manager

“As a health care professional i am happy to be a part of CAHO, to learn and contribute towards patient's welfare and quality implementation. ”

Dr. Shruti Bhargava
Asst. Medical Superintendent

“CAHO is very Good Organization which Defines the Health care Standards and Provide Innovative Solutions to health care personnel's and Committed to help other Organizations.”

Mr. Sunny George
Deputy Regional Manager

“CAHO is a much needed platform that offers opportunities and resources for all the Healthcare stakeholders in our country with an aim to minimize healthcare errors, improve patient safety and enhance patient and community health outcomes. ”

Dr. Lulu Sherif Mahmood
Professor, Anaesthesiology 

“Been a CPQIL. As a professional organization CAHO has reached unbelievable heights. Can stand for the growth of the industry and as policy advocates.”

Dr. Riju Mathew 
Assistant Director

“CAHO is a great learning platform comprising of many renowned people from various backgrounds. It has taught the importance  of quality & continuing quality care in hospital setup & to go for  accreditation. I enjoy the online trainings CAHO imparts & various Webinars & feel they are quite helpful in my day to day administration in a hospital . ”

Dr. Parveen Ghuliani Chaudhary
Medical Superintendent

“I have come across many organizations in my 18 yrs of experience in the field of diagnostics but CAHO seems to be  completely different. It brings together quality conscious professionals and organizations under one platform. Its approach towards continuous improvement in updating knowledge & skills which is very much evident in its training programmes is commendable. I really look forward to having an enriching learning experience with CAHO.”

Dr. Dhyanesh Kanubhai Desai 
Director, Cellcare Pathology Laboratory

“CAHO as a professional organisation has opened up to me the world of quality training in healthcare standards alongwith providing me with wonderful learning opportunities.”

Dr. Geetopam Bordoloi
Consultant & HOD

“CAHO - A well Designed Non Profit Professional Organization With the pure intention to attain Quality in the Health Care Industry. As a Proud member of CAHO I would endure my complete support for their establishments towards Quality & Safe Health Care Systems.”

Ms. Nikethana R
Nursing Superintendent, NABH Assessor

“CAHO, as its Credo- "committed to safer patient care" suggests, is working quite well in the health sector. It is promoting the science of quality and safety and bringing it to the forefront of the healthcare industry.  CAHOs has one of the most experienced teams in the industry and its very diverse and dynamic team is working extensively to raise the awareness on patient safety and care. ”

Dr. Anuj Parkash
Senior Consultant Biochemistry 

“It’s giving me a pleasure to say with pride that I have become Life Member of CAHO. It is the most valued form to discuss Healthcare Quality and Accreditation. Through its diversified areas of education, certification, CMEs, webinar, CAHO plays an major role in the Indian healthcare industry.”

Mr. Justin Babu
Asst. Professor & Program Coordinator 

“As a part of the Yenepoya Medical College Hospital , I was associated with CAHO , along with my Quality team of YMCH . At individual level my experience being the Panel member of Caho-Tech & now as the Advisory committee member of student engagement , I am impressed the way CAHO is understanding the preset need of the Health Care sector . I am looking forward to be part of CAHO & Grow along with CAHO at professional level.”

Dr. Sunita Saldanha
Professor & HOD (Hospital Administration)

“I am a staunch supporter of CAHO, an organization truly promoting quality in healthcare. Association with CAHO means joining the learning path and sharing the best in the healthcare.”

Dr. Deepika Sharma
Senior Manager & Head FOS

“CAHO is an organization committed to providing education in quality and empowering young faculty and those involved in quality implementation in their organization with the requisite knowledge to nurture and develop a safe healthcare organization.”

Dr. Aparna R. Bitla
Professor & Head Biochemistry 
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