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Who we are

A not-for-profit body representing healthcare institutions, diagnostic centres and quality professionals with an overarching aim to promote patient safety through fire safety training for hospital staff, quality through communication skills for the healthcare professional and accreditation in healthcare ecosystem

We believe that accreditation is the beginning of a quality journey. Our aim is to systematically infuse & spread the message of quality in healthcare at the grassroot level so as to develop a culture of safety in healthcare organizations. We as an association of healthcare institutions, diagnostics centres and individuals pool our resources for achieving the common goals of promoting quality, patient safety and accreditation. We are the engine to drive continuous quality improvement and to pursue the journey beyond accreditation in collaboration with all stakeholders.


To be an admired global leader transforming healthcare quality and safety


Working together for safer healthcare and add value to all stakeholders

Founder Members
CAHO Objectives


  • To maintain a database of all members and ensure communication forums are established for interaction and feedback on a regular basis. Also, to collaborate with any agency and/or organization engaged in work of a similar nature.
  • To create an ecosystem of sharing anonymized information and also to create consensus documents and white papers.
  • To promote nationwide quality movement in healthcare, aimed at creating awareness among citizens and empowering them to demand quality accreditation in healthcare services.
  • To establish systems of evaluating & credentialing healthcare institutions & professionals in the field of quality & patient safety.
  • To promote adoption of technology solutions to promote quality, efficiency and patient safety.
  • To undertake capacity building initiatives in the area of healthcare quality & safety through education and skill building programs.
  • To create training programs to enhance skills especially in the field of quality and to create an army of quality implementers.
  • To provide mentorship to non- accredited healthcare institutions & diagnostic centres in India.
  • To promote and undertake research activities and establish benchmarks in the area of healthcare quality.
  • To create training programs to enhance skills especially in the field of quality and to create an army of quality implementers. To establish a repository of best international/national practices and guidelines including clinical indicators.
  • To create a "Resource Centre" to help all member organizations to access credible educational material.
  • To assist in dissemination of clinical outcomes to support value-based health or customer/patient centric health.
  • To interact and involve in healthcare quality improvement initiatives and policy decisions of central & state governments.
  • To assist developing “Patients For Patients Safety Initiative”
  • To introduce continuous quality improvement and patient safety measures by recognizing healthcare institutions & diagnostic centres as Centres of Quality Promotion (CQPs).
  • To organize national & international events both within & outside the country to promote quality, patient safety & accreditation.
  • To act as an umbrella of collective wisdom to provide feedback to national or international accreditation bodies on the expectations of the industry.
  • To share constructive concerns with national & international accreditation bodies with respect to the assessment and accreditation processes, with a view to improve the overall effectiveness and efficacy.
  • To promote accreditation to enhance the country's potential for Medical Tourism and help establish Indian healthcare industry as a preferred destination among neighbouring countries.
  • To liaise with agencies like CGHS, ECHS, and Insurance to promote the cause of accredited healthcare institutions & diagnostic centres.
  • To undertake additional initiatives if requested by stakeholders from time to time
Founder Members
Past Governing Committee
Core Committee
  • Dr. Vijay Agrawal
    Dr. Vijay Agrawal


  • Mr. Sameer Mehta
    Mr. Sameer Mehta

    Vice President

  • Dr. Lallu Joseph
    Dr. Lallu Joseph

    Secretary General

  • Dr. Sunil Kumar Saggar
    Dr. Sunil Kumar Saggar

    Finance Secretary

Zonal Chairman
  • Dr. Shweta Prabhakar
    Dr. Shweta Prabhakar

    North Zone

  • Dr. Sankar Sengupta
    Dr. Sankar Sengupta

    East Zone

  • Mr. Joy Chakraborty
    Mr. Joy Chakraborty

    West Zone

  • Mrs. Rama Rajasekaran
    Mrs. Rama Rajasekaran

    South Zone

  • Dr. Rajkumar V Patil
    Dr. Rajkumar V Patil

    Central Zone

State Chairman
  • Dr. D S Chakravarthi
    Dr. D S Chakravarthi

    Andhra Pradesh

  • Dr. Karpe Mina Lombi
    Dr. Karpe Mina Lombi

    Arunachal Pradesh

  • Dr. Jeet Patwari
    Dr. Jeet Patwari


  • Dr. Santosh Kumar
    Dr. Santosh Kumar


  • Mr. Satish Kumar
    Mr. Satish Kumar


  • Dr. Siddhi Ghatwal
    Dr. Siddhi Ghatwal


  • Dr. Anil Chillimuntha
    Dr. Anil Chillimuntha


  • Dr. Anjani Agarwal
    Dr. Anjani Agarwal


  • Dr. Priyanka Sambyal
    Dr. Priyanka Sambyal

    Jammu & Kashmir

  • Ms. Sunanda Banerjee
    Ms. Sunanda Banerjee


  • Dr. Umashankar Raju
    Dr. Umashankar Raju


  • Ms. Gracy Mathai
    Ms. Gracy Mathai


  • Dr. Dileep Singh Chauhan
    Dr. Dileep Singh Chauhan

    Madhya Pradesh

  • Dr. Sushila Kawade
    Dr. Sushila Kawade


  • Ms. Anisha Khundongbam
    Ms. Anisha Khundongbam


  • Mr. Peter Z Sailo Kharsaithiang
    Mr. Peter Z Sailo Kharsaithiang


  • Mr. Pelezoto Pius Kikhi
    Mr. Pelezoto Pius Kikhi


  • Dr. Bishnu Panigrahi
    Dr. Bishnu Panigrahi


  • Dr. Arjun T Sundaram
    Dr. Arjun T Sundaram


  • Col (Dr.) Pramod Kumar
    Col (Dr.) Pramod Kumar


  • Mr. J Adel
    Mr. J Adel

    Tamil Nadu

  • Dr. Pinkulal Karan
    Dr. Pinkulal Karan


  • Dr Saurabh Raha
    Dr Saurabh Raha

    Uttar Pradesh

  • Mr. Sudip Dey
    Mr. Sudip Dey

    West Bengal



  • Fr. Johnson Vazhappilly CMI
    Fr. Johnson Vazhappilly CMI


  • Mrs. B Bharathi Reddy
    Mrs. B Bharathi Reddy

    Vice Chairman

  • Mr. Nishant Jaiswal
    Mr. Nishant Jaiswal


  • Dr. S Ramesh Babu
    Dr. S Ramesh Babu

    Representative - HCOs

  • Mr. Pradeep Sharma
    Mr. Pradeep Sharma

    Representative - SHCOs

  • Dr. Joseph S Fidelis
    Dr. Joseph S Fidelis

    Representative - Entry Level Hospitals

  • Dr. Arjun K R
    Dr. Arjun K R

    Representative - Dental Facilities

  • Mrs. Gayathri Sandeep
    Mrs. Gayathri Sandeep

    Representative - Wellness Centres

  • Ms. Shobana Narayanan
    Ms. Shobana Narayanan

    Representative - Associate Hospitals/Institutions

  • Maj. (Dr.) Shivakumar Hiremath
    Maj. (Dr.) Shivakumar Hiremath

    Co-opted Division Member


  • Dr. Seema Bhargava
    Dr. Seema Bhargava


  • Dr. R Ravikumar
    Dr. R Ravikumar

    Vice Chairman

  • Dr. Aparna Jairam
    Dr. Aparna Jairam


  • Dr. Reema Bahri
    Dr. Reema Bahri

    North Zone Representative

  • Dr. Barnali Das
    Dr. Barnali Das

    West Zone Representative

  • Dr. J Jayalakshmi
    Dr. J Jayalakshmi

    South Zone Representative

  • Dr. Vineeta Kothari
    Dr. Vineeta Kothari

    Central Zone Representative

  • Dr. Akshith Thimmaiah
    Dr. Akshith Thimmaiah


  • Dr. Anila Mathan
    Dr. Anila Mathan


  • Dr. Preeti Bajaj
    Dr. Preeti Bajaj


  • Dr. Santwana Vernekar
    Dr. Santwana Vernekar


  • Dr. Alok Ahuja
    Dr. Alok Ahuja


  • Dr. Balram Ji Omar
    Dr. Balram Ji Omar


  • Dr. Bansidhar Tarai
    Dr. Bansidhar Tarai


  • Dr. Zubair Hasan
    Dr. Zubair Hasan

    Representative - Clinical Pathology

  • Dr. Sourav Maiti
    Dr. Sourav Maiti

    Representative - Molecular Testing

  • Dr. Rajendra Surpam
    Dr. Rajendra Surpam

    Representative - Clinical Microbiology & Serology

  • Dr. Riju Mathew
    Dr. Riju Mathew

    Representative - Clinical Biochemistry

  • Dr. Simi Bhatia
    Dr. Simi Bhatia

    Representative - Histopathology

  • Dr. Deepthi Madhu
    Dr. Deepthi Madhu

    Co-opted Division Member

  • Dr. Anuradha Pichumani
    Dr. Anuradha Pichumani


  • Dr. Suvin Shetty
    Dr. Suvin Shetty

    Vice Chairman

  • Dr. Anna George
    Dr. Anna George


  • Mr. Awastik Bose
    Mr. Awastik Bose

    North Zone Representative

  • Dr. Sudeshna Ganguly
    Dr. Sudeshna Ganguly

    East Zone Representative

  • Ms. Devasri Chatterjee
    Ms. Devasri Chatterjee

    West Zone Representative

  • Dr. Shashank Devapur
    Dr. Shashank Devapur

    South Zone Representative

  • Dr. Abhishek Jinwal
    Dr. Abhishek Jinwal

    Central Zone Representative

  • Prof. Dr. Nirmal Frederick T
    Prof. Dr. Nirmal Frederick T

    Representative - Doctors

  • Dr. Naiju Ajumudeen
    Dr. Naiju Ajumudeen

    Representative - Doctors

  • Dr. Babu Narayanan
    Dr. Babu Narayanan

    Representative - Doctors

  • Dr. Ashok Kumar Khandelwal
    Dr. Ashok Kumar Khandelwal

    Representative - Doctors

  • Ms. Pushpalatha M
    Ms. Pushpalatha M

    Representative - Nurses

  • Ms. Susan C Roberrts
    Ms. Susan C Roberrts

    Representative - Nurses

  • Mrs. Arundhati Giri
    Mrs. Arundhati Giri

    Representative - Nurses

  • Mr. R Manickavasagam
    Mr. R Manickavasagam

    Representative - Paramedics

  • Ms. Sweta Saket Bandal
    Ms. Sweta Saket Bandal

    Representative - Paramedics

  • Dr. Thiagarajan Thandavan
    Dr. Thiagarajan Thandavan

    Representative - Paramedics

  • Dr. Abinash B Mohapatra (PT)
    Dr. Abinash B Mohapatra (PT)

    Representative - Paramedics

  • Dr. Geeta Fulari
    Dr. Geeta Fulari

    Representative - Administrators

  • Dr. Rajesh D Pai
    Dr. Rajesh D Pai

    Representative - Administrators

  • Ms. Vidya Mani
    Ms. Vidya Mani

    Representative - Administrators

  • Dr. Nidhi Sareen
    Dr. Nidhi Sareen

    Representative - Administrators

  • Ms. Dhanya Michael
    Ms. Dhanya Michael

    Co-opted Division Member

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