CAHOCON 2022 will be held at Hotel Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty on 2nd and 3rd April, 2022 preceded by the Pre-Conference Workshops on 1st April at various hospitals of Kochi region.

    About Us

    About Us

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    Who We Are

    CAHO is a not-for-profit body with the primary goal of enabling quality initiatives in Indian healthcare settings which is being done through focused events, courses, workshops and training programs.

    We believe that accreditation is the beginning of a quality journey. Our aim is to systematically infuse & spread the message of quality in healthcare at the grassroot level so as to develop a culture of safety in healthcare organizations.

    We as an association of healthcare institutions, diagnostics centres and individuals pool our resources for achieving the common goals of promoting quality, patient safety and accreditation. We are the engine to drive continuous quality improvement and to pursue the journey beyond accreditation in collaboration with all stakeholders.



    • To maintain a database of all members and ensure communication forums are established for interaction and feedback on a regular basis.
      Also, to collaborate with any agency and/or organization engaged in work of a similar nature.
    • To create an ecosystem of sharing anonymized information and also to create consensus documents and white papers.


    • To promote nationwide quality movement in healthcare, aimed at creating awareness among citizens and empowering them to demand quality accreditation in healthcare services.
    • To establish systems of evaluating & credentialing healthcare institutions & professionals in the field of quality & patient safety.
    • To promote adoption of technology solutions to promote quality, efficiency and patient safety.


    • To undertake capacity building initiatives in the area of healthcare quality & safety through education and skill building programs.
    • To create training programs to enhance skills especially in the field of quality and to create an army of quality implementers.
    • To provide mentorship to non- accredited healthcare institutions & diagnostic centres in India.


    • To promote and undertake research activities and establish benchmarks in the area of healthcare quality.
    • To establish a repository of best international/national practices and guidelines including clinical indicators.
    • To create a "Resource Centre" to help all member organizations to access credible educational material.


    • To assist in dissemination of clinical outcomes to support value-based health or customer/patient centric health.
    • To interact and involve in healthcare quality improvement initiatives and policy decisions of central & state governments.
    • To assist developing “Patients For Patients Safety Initiative”


    • To introduce continuous quality improvement and patient safety measures by recognizing healthcare institutions & diagnostic centres as Centres of Quality Promotion (CQPs).
    • To organize national & international events both within & outside the country to promote quality, patient safety & accreditation.


    • To act as an umbrella of collective wisdom to provide feedback to national or international accreditation bodies on the expectations of the industry.
    • To share constructive concerns with national & international accreditation bodies with respect to the assessment and accreditation processes, with a view to improve the overall effectiveness and efficacy.


    • To promote accreditation to enhance the country's potential for Medical Tourism and help establish Indian healthcare industry as a preferred destination among neighbouring countries.
    • To liaise with agencies like CGHS, ECHS, and Insurance to promote the cause of accredited healthcare institutions & diagnostic centres.
    • To undertake additional initiatives if requested by stakeholders from time to time

    Governing Committee

    Governing Committee of CAHO is elected every two years. It has representation from all zones of the country and also from all types of accredited healthcare organizations. President, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer, Joint Secretary and Immediate Past Secretary General and President constitute the Core Committee to look after the affairs of the organization. The Governing Committee is being expanded from 2017 to give representation to all states.

    collective efforts towards a world-class healthcare ecosystem
    • Improved Healthcare Facilities To continuously raise the 'bar' of healthcare quality.

    • Set Evaluation Standards To support nabh & nabl: Provide feedback and cqi initiatives.

    • Define Accreditation's Advantages To make visible the benefits of accreditation to various stakeholders: Patients, insurance, healthcare providers and industry leaders.

    • Develop Fair System To share best practices and learn from each other.

    • Provide a Platform To showcase ‘brand india’s’ healthcare within and internationally.

    • Stand as One To have a voice in unison.