CLIMATE CHANGE: A Time Clock - My 6th Quality Capsule On Green Quality.

We all know, that the industrial system generates waste from extracting and harvesting resources, and from how we produce, use, and eventually discard goods. This waste damages the ability of nature to replenish resources (Refer Edu-Blog # 45).

Although this industrial problem has been evident for decades, the current Covid-19 global crisis, forest fires, crop failures, severe cold waves, blistering heat waves, and aggressive storms have collectively hammered us, to wake up, and start thinking differently. More specifically, to address global climate change.

Lesson: It is myopic to chase quarterly profit targets.

Climate change is one of the many side effects of global industrial growth. Scientists and influential leaders believe climate change has two unique features:

  • The current and future costs of climate change are enormous, for both rich and poor countries.
  • The science of climate change provides simple, numerical indicators of how far out of balance we are, and how rapid and strong the adjustments must be to avoid disaster.

There is a consensus amongst scientists that the changes needed to avert uncontrollable climate change will be exponentially greater if we delay action. This is a resounding alarm. In fact, what we are currently experiencing had been earlier forecast by these scientists to happen in 2050.

In this sense, climate change is a time clock telling us how fast the Industrial Age is ending.

Are Green Qualitists listening?

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    Suresh Lulla

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