How Can You Delight Employees, Society And Mother Earth?

The most actionable definition of Quality is ‘Fitness for Use’. Such Quality can result in more than customer satisfaction …. something similar to customer ecstasy / delight. It should earn a “WOW” from your customers!

Customer delight happens when we offer the right product / service features to our customer, free from deficiencies. The former addresses customer satisfaction – why customers come to you? And the latter addresses customer dissatisfaction – why customers complain to you?

As you will note customer satisfaction and customer dissatisfaction are two ends of the same pole. Therefore, the absence of customer dissatisfaction does not mean customer satisfaction.

Now expand the definition of customer to include employees, society and mother earth. This is culled from the term Sustainability.

When employees are dissatisfied they turn rebellious. Guaranteed. Further, when satisfied, they do not climb a steeple to announce delight!

When society is dissatisfied it turns even more rebellious. Absolutely certain. On the other hand, when satisfied, they allow you to exist.

When mother earth is dissatisfied …. it is the end! No debate. What can we do to satisfy our very patient mother earth?

So the real issue is: How can we delight employees, society and mother earth?

Traditional logical thinking will take us to where we are headed. BANG.

My recommendation: Try conducting three focused Creativity Labs. This will be a proactive approach that can deliver significant innovative solutions.

Also, remember to include a few children in the three labs! They will love Brainwriting and Imaginary Brainstorming!!

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    Suresh Lulla

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