I AM GUILTY - My 8th Quality Capsule On Green Quality


I started my Qualitist innings in 1987. At that time, Quality was not a priority for any organization. Each of them focused on Quarter-to-Quarter financial results.

Quality entered the top management agenda of my clients, when I started speaking the language of Things and Money. As for example: The cost of chronic waste in any organization is one-third of total costs. We refer to these costs as Cost Of Poor Quality (COPQ).

Over the years Qimpro has saved its clients, in excess of, US $ 3 billion in terms of COPQ, by reducing the chronic waste legitimized in processes. We also encouraged minimizing material consumption.

Sadly, our clients continued to generate emissions from operations, increasing the risk to lives of employees, society, and humanity.

I am guilty. Pollution was never accounted for in COPQ!


Pollution does not require a passport or visa. Particularly air pollution and water pollution. All organizations share their pollution generously. All nations also share their pollution generously.

Today, we experience the collective aggressive symptomatic evidence of our failures to contain pollution. Poverty is visible. Natural resources are getting depleted. Forests are vanishing. Further, we are hammered with a mysterious Global Climate Change.

Had I been a Green Qualitist from 1987, perhaps I would not feel as guilty as I do now.

As a first corrective step, I wish to propose that all Green Qualitists proactively address air pollution in their Quality agenda. We can make the air safer for humanity

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    Suresh Lulla

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