My 2nd Quality Capsule On Green Quality- BROWN QUALITY TO GREEN QUALITY

Once upon a time, India was a land of green coastlines, green rivers, green forests and green soil. Our national assets performed as per Nature’s Laws, from cradle to cradle. Zero waste.

In fact, India was a benchmark for Green Quality. These outstanding green treasures attracted invaders, at different stages of history, to Green India.

Then, with industrialization, two centuries back, Green India transformed to Brown India.

As we all know, the objective of industrialization was Quantity. Not Quality. We produced tractors, textiles, oil, cement, plastic, consumer goods, amongst numerous others. With reasonable success. In so doing, we substantially consumed and destroyed our national assets, as well as produced mountains of waste. Waste  that polluted the air, soil and water.

Green Quality in India rapidly deteriorated to Brown Quality.

Who made this happen? Economists and engineers? Businessmen and politicians? Obsession with GDP statistics exclusively drove them to this near-death situation.   

Who can correct this? Young CEOs? Children? Young mothers? Clearly, the young ones have no other choice for their survival. They must embrace Green Quality.

When? We need to start NOW. It is already late!

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    Suresh Lulla

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