Post Coronavirus: Uncertainty Is Certain

The global economy has been in a slowdown for the past 7 quarters. We have slowly but surely felt it in our businesses and occupations.

A coronavirus epidemic in the recent quarter has aggravated the global economy further. At first, China. Then, Iran, Russia, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, UAE, the UK, the USA and many more. At the last count, the coronavirus had footprints in over 200 countries.

In order to break the chain of this deadly virus, country by country is in a shutdown mode, city by city. For days and weeks.

The deaths traceable to the coronavirus are galloping geometrically. Taming coronavirus requires fundamental research and time. Do we have the time?

Is this World War 3?

While governments are busy fire-fighting the crisis, citizens have grave concerns:

  • How long will this last?
  • What happens to my job?
  • Will I be able to provide food on the table?
  • What happens to my child’s education?
  • Etc.

No one has the answers.

Coronavirus has evolved to an epidemic-monster. The like of which can lead to reinventing the world.

A common belief: Mother Earth has orchestrated this crisis to teach humans a (final) lesson.

As corrective measures:

  • We need to change our thinking
  • We need to change our habits
  • We need to be altruistic in thoughts and actions
  • We need to respect nature.

That will hopefully pacify Mother Earth.

Fundamental Questions……

  • Mother Earth is doing her job. Right?
  • Coronavirus is doing its job. Right?
  • We must do our job. Right?

Survival Questions….

  • Will technology exclusively drive education?
  • Will study from home be the new norm?
  • Will cricket be history?
  • Will sports clubs be history?
  • Will work from home be the new norm?
  • Will banks survive?
  • Will the auto industry survive?
  • Will SMEs survive?
  • Will retail stores shut down?
  • Will there be a disruption in transportation?
  • Will farming become the first choice for youth?

Random Questions…..

  • Will the centre of economic gravity shift from the Atlantic to the Pacific?
  • Will continuous innovation become a way of life?
  • Will we learn from the “no waste” model designed by God, for Mother Earth?
  • Will Namaste be the standard global greeting?
  • Will humans become more spiritual?
  • Are we on the right side or wrong side of ageism?
  • Author :

    Suresh Lulla

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