Centres for Quality Promotion (CQP)

    Centres for Quality Promotion (CQP)
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    Having built the resource base through CPQIH and the necessary rapport with the accredited hospitals, CAHO has embarked on the capacity building initiatives in the area of healthcare quality & safety through CAHO affiliated Centre for Quality Promotion (CQP). These are hospitals affiliated by CAHO as a nodal centres in the region to carry out the mission of NABH and CAHO

    Who can become a CQP?

    Only accredited hospitals can become CQP. The accreditation could be Full accreditation, Progressive level or Entry level. The hospital should be a member of CAHO and should demonstrate visible commitment to Quality promotion. They should be ready to promote accreditation and handhold other hospitals in the region towards accreditation especially through technology. Presently, we have found Ibhar software very suitable for this purpose. CQP should sign a memorandum of understanding with CAHO and abide by the rules and regulations. Centre should have at least one Certified Professional for Quality Implementation in Hospitals (CPQIH).

    Role of CQP:

    • To sensitize and create awareness of quality and accreditation to NABH.

      This will be called the Program on Awareness of NABH (PAN)

      The CQP will conduct 3 to 4hour Awareness programmes on NABH entry level standards or 6 hour programme on Full standards. They can invite hospitals in the region and orient them to the standards. The presentations for these programs will be provided by CAHO with the standardized templates. The faculty for the awareness programs are the CPQIH registered to the regional CQP

      The IBHAR regional representatives will help to publicize the program and invite the hospitals in the region for the sensitization program. These programs will also be advertised in the CAHO website.

    • To train the representatives of interested hospitals on implementation of NABH standards.

      This will be called the Program on Implementation of NABH (PIN)

      The CQP will conduct 2 days programs to hospital representatives on the implementation of the NABH standards (Entry Level) and for full accreditation. Advertisements for these programs will be done by the individual CQP’s in a standard template as designed by CAHO. The presentations for these programs will be provided by CAHO with the standardized templates. The faculty for the implementation programs are the CPQIH registered to the regional CQP. The HCO will have joint branding with CAHO on all the slides and training material used in their centre.

    • To handhold hospitals that require help in implementation through CPQIH and technology.

      Hospitals that require help for implementation of the NABH standards will be linked to the CQP based on the location. The CQP will first do a base level assessment and decide on the timeframe (No of days) required for the implementation and the type of help required. Ibhar software will make it easy for CQP to monitor hospitals they are mentoring.


    CQP centres will display their affiliation in prominent place in the hospital. They are permitted to put up their affiliation to CAHO in their websites.

    The performance and conduct of the CQP will be reviewed by the advisory committee of CAHO. Independent feedback will be obtained by CAHO from the beneficiaries. The contract of CQP with CAHO will be reviewed once in two years and extended if the performance is good.

    CAHO affiliated Centres for Quality Promotion

    • Kalyani Kidney Centre, Erode,Tamil Nadu
    • PES Institute of Medical Science & Research, Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh
    • Bhagat Chandra Hospital, New Delhi
    • Dr.Mehta's Hospitals, Chennai
    • MS Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, Bangalore
    • Bangalore Baptist Hospital
    • Daya General Hospital, Thrissur, Kerela
    • Rajagiri Hospital , Aluva
    • Aster MIMS, Calicut
    • Zamindar Microsurgical Eye Centre, Bangalore
    • Sree Renga Hospital, Chengalpattu- Tamil Nadu
    • Kauvery Hospital, Trichy- Tamil Nadu
    • Jabalpur Hospital & Research Centre, Jabalpur- Madhya Pradesh
    • Meenakshi Hospital, Thanjavur
    • Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai


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