National Certifying Exam For Infection Control Professionals

The National Certifying Exam for Infection Control Professionals serves as a pivotal milestone in ensuring the proficiency and expertise of individuals dedicated to infection prevention and control. This comprehensive examination is designed to assess the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of healthcare professionals in effectively managing and mitigating the risk of hospital-acquired infections. By obtaining this certification, professionals demonstrate a commitment to the highest standards of infection control, contributing to enhanced patient safety and the overall well-being of the healthcare environment. The exam serves as a benchmark, empowering individuals and organizations to uphold excellence in the field of infection control

Examination Syllabus
Examination Process

30 credit points to be carried in 3 years’ time for re-certification after 3 years.

  • Exam Notification (June)
  • Register for exam (June- July)
  • Online Proctored Examination (14th September, 2024)
  • Results Declaration (within a month)
  • Qualified (CICP Certification) - Graduation Ceremony in CAHOCON
    Not Qualified (Re-examination with Next Batch)
₹ 7080 inclusive of 18% GST

Master the National Certifying Exam

Enroll in our Online Preparatory Crash Course

Commencing from June 12th till July 31st,
14 Bi-Weekly Live Interactive Sessions (6-7pm IST)

Certified Professionals

The CAHO Certified Infection Control Professionals (CICP) are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of infection prevention and control. They play a crucial role in contributing significantly to the well-being of individuals and communities by creating and maintaining a safe environment. This certification reflects a commitment to excellence in infection control practices, ensuring the highest level of safety and protection in healthcare settings.

Our Medallists
  • What will you gain?
    • You will earn credentials and can showcase your competence in IPC
    • You can distinguish yourself with confidence
    • Enhance your credibility and improve the opportunities for growth
    • Becoming National IPC Certified shows your employer and colleagues that you are knowledgeable and skilled to be/become a member of the IPC team
  • How to prepare for the exam?
    If you are a microbiologist or working in infection prevention and control as ICO or ICN with confidence and knowledge on the following syllabus, you can directly apply for the exam. If you want to take up a course before the exam, please visit the site for CAHO Crash course for IPC exam (2 months course with 14 classes)
  • What is the mode of exam?
    It is an online single day proctored exam using highly vigilant AI system. The examination can be centre based or remote home based on the number of candidates registering for the exam. This will be communicated a week prior to the exam. The candidates are expected to arrange a computer system, with a webcam
  • What is the validity of the certification?
    The certificate of CICP is valid for three years from the date of certification. In three years time, you must have earned 30 credit points by attending the webinars/trainings related to quality/infection control through CAHO training academy to renew the certificate.
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