CAHO has embarked on the concept of spreading the wave of quality and patient safety through CAHO affiliated Centres for Quality Promotion (CQP). These are the Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) which are accredited and have trained quality implementers and recognised by CAHO as CQPs. These centres reach out to nearby small and medium healthcare organizations to sensitize them to the issues of patient safety and healthcare quality. A number of hospitals have been motivated to apply and achieve accreditation because of this initiative. This helps the CQPs in building relations with HCOs in their region.

Role Of CQP
  • To sensitize and create awareness of quality and accreditation.
  • To handhold and monitor hospitals in nearby areas to achieve accreditation.
  • To conduct training programs of CAHO to help build the capacity especially of smaller hospitals at least once in three months.
  • To become brand ambassador and take part in all activities of CAHO.
Who Can Become a CQP
  • Demonstrating visible commitment to quality promotion.
  • Having at least 5 Advanced Certified Professional for Quality Implementation in Hospitals (CPQIH)
  • Ready to promote accreditation and handhold other hospitals in the region towards accreditation especially through technology.
Membership Subscription

Membership subscriptions are Validity 3 years


> 100 bedded HCOs


< 100 bedded HCOs


CQPs are expected to sign a memorandum of understanding with CAHO and abide by the rules and regulations. They will be permitted to display their affiliation to CAHO in their websites and at prominent places in the hospital.

The performance and conduct of the CQP will be reviewed by the advisory committee of CAHO. Independent feedback will be obtained by CAHO from the beneficiaries. The contract of CQP with CAHO will be reviewed once in two years and extended if the performance is good.

affiliated CQPs
  • 1 - Delhi
  • 1 - Punjab
  • 1 - Uttar Pradesh
  • 1 - Maharashtra
  • 2 - Madhya Pradesh
  • 4 - Karnataka
  • 1 - Andhra Pradesh
  • 4 - Kerala
  • 14 - Tamil Nadu
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