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    ISQua Webinar: Quality in Crisis Situations

    Webinar Speaker : Dr. Peter Lachman

    Date : 16th Dec, 2019

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    Cyber and Data Security for healthcare establishments

    Webinar Speaker : Satyendra Verma, Sachin Gaur

    Date : 21th Dec, 2019

    Time : 4:00 pm IST

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    About the Webinar : 

    Healthcare is a vulnerable target for cybercrime because of two simple reasons; Firstly, it is a rich source of valuable data and Secondly, defences are virtually absent in most healthcare establishments around the world and the case is no different in India.

    The decision makers in the ecosystem are aware that Data breaches and attacks on medical devices can have severe consequences but unlike other sectors, the slow pedalling in this direction has little to do with lack of security budget or availability of methods to secure them but has more to do with the Gap in understanding among them.

    This Webinar aims to help to demystify this topic with minimum technical jargon and demonstrate how no amount of technology or solutions can help unless they are preceded by clear Decisions & Directions from the Top Management. We will also share an innovative cybersecurity toolkit which can be used to do a quick in-house assessment of the Information Security Statues at your Healthcare establishments and how simple steps can resolve 80% of the Information/Cyber/Data Security issues.

    Webinar Speaker : Satyendra Verma

    An Army veteran has an extensive exposure to Information System Security in his 23 years of service with Indian Army. After retirement, he has done extensive research to gain knowledge about the cyber issues pertaining to Healthcare and Education sector. He has conducted extensive training and workshops in Information Security in both the fields. He is ISO 27001, Certified Lead Auditor for Information Systems Security. He is also an active sportsman and the Indian Team Captain for Wingsuit Flying.

    Webinar Speaker : Sachin Gaur

    He has a double M.Sc.(tech) in Mobile Security and Cryptography from Aalto University, Finland and University of Tartu, Estonia. He has worked in the past with organizations like Adobe, C.E.R.N. and in research at the Aalto University in security related topics.