Cyber Helpdesk

Cyber Helpdesk is an initiative of CAHO in association with InnovatioCuris to help the organisations that may have been affected with a cyber related issue in the past or may just be at the brink of being cyber attacked. It was initiated to:

  • Help & Guide Indian healthcare organisations especially in the area of data security
  • To be the one stop solution to visit in case of planning and management of cyber security issues for healthcare providers of India.
  • Engage all members as a community to enable peer learning and experience sharing with each other

You may post your cyber related queries, take cybersecurity self-assessment and get an answer from cyber security auditors and experts.

Self Assessment

To check the status of your or your organisation's information security, we have a questionnaire which could potentially make you self - aware of the cyber security hygiene.

For queries Email :

Call / WhatsApp at +91 99533 37213

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