Message from CEO, NABH

    Message from CEO, NABH
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    Dr. Kalra K.K
    2nd January 2016

    Healthcare is a very dynamic industry. There are very few industries where the changes are happening as fast as healthcare. I don’t know if any professionals feel these changes as acutely as we do in healthcare quality. NABH was formed with the aim of promoting quality and patient safety in India. Accreditation represents an important milestone in the continuing growth and success of health services. It epitomizes healthcare organization commitment to provide the highest level of care to the patients.

    I am delighted to inform you that NABH have act a big catalyst in revolutionizing healthcare quality and patient safety in India. Currently there are 374 hospitals accredited by NABH in India. I am delighted to see that how all the accredited healthcare organizations are uniting together under the umbrella of Consortium of accredited healthcare organizations (CAHO) and how they are learning from each other by sharing their best practices. For improving the quality of service at NABH, I welcome the concerns and suggestions from all accredited healthcare organizations. CAHO is a good channel for reach us, your concerns, challenges and feedback as well as medium for promotion of NABH can be discussed at the board meeting as CAHO represents the accredited healthcare organizations during NABH board meeting.