It's a dedicated vertical for Sustainability. The CAPS team has been able to achieve multiple objectives set out by the CAHO leadership. Project CAPS has become one of India’s most definitive sector-specific programs on sustainability. While organizations have gained from CAPS, there is a felt need for deeper focus on multiple aspects under sustainability beyond energy, emissions, waste & water management.

Core Committee
  • ravindran

    Dr. Karan Thakur


    Group Lead - Sustainability & ESG, Vice President - Public Affairs, Apollo Hospitals Group
  • ravindran

    Ms. Keerthi D souza

    Co- Chairperson

    Sustainability Professional, Managing Director, Life Giver Professional Services LLP


  • ravindran
    Dr. Vijay Agarwal



  • ravindran
    Dr. Lallu Joseph

    Secretary General


  • ravindran
    Mr. Vinod Kumar KB

    Head MEP Consultant, VBG Consulting Engineer

    Consultant FMS, Rajagiri Hospital

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