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  • This quote captures the journey of CAHO in its true sense. Being a Quality Manager of an accredited hospital, I was familiar about CAHO as a Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations and nothing beyond that. In 2016, I heard about a CPQIH course in Bangalore by CAHO and registered. Little did I know that this was the beginning of the creation of a nationwide network of healthcare professionals with unbelievable growth potential, camaraderie, solidarity and cohesion like never seen or witnessed before. Today, CAHO is a name that is synonymous with training, growth and learning for hospital professionals. There are numerous training programs by trained faculty across the country. In addition to the executive members of the governing body there are state representatives, zonal representatives who make the network even stronger. The annual conferences, CAHOCON and CAHOTECH provides a platform for presenting and showcasing the best practices in the industry. Awards and accolades are presented to hospitals in different categories after a detailed and objective evaluation by experts. This is highly encouraging and provides an apt forum to recognize the good work that has been done by hospitals at a national level.
    The phenomenal growth of CAHO is owing to the vision, hard work and diligence of Dr. Vijay Agarwal, Dr. Lallu Joseph and many others. They have been successful in creating ambassadors in every state and city of the nation spreading the essence of CAHO; sharing knowledge and best practices. The concept of declaring hospitals as Centres for Quality Promotion has prompted many hospitals to come forward and work in collaboration with CAHO for improving quality and patient safety. The carefully designed course curriculum which incorporates many exercises and activities is indeed an enjoyable experience for both the trainer and trainees.
    I have been a part of the CAHO family from 2016 in different capacities; as the Kerala State representative, as a training faculty, as a member of the organizing committee for CAHOCON 2018, and my hospital (Rajagiri Hospital, Aluva) a Centre for Quality Promotion in 2017. It is definitely not easy to summarize in mere words what CAHO means to me. It has played an important role in my personal and professional growth. This collaboration has helped me in meeting good friends & professional peers, knowledge sharing and most importantly have gained mutual respect and recognition in the healthcare fraternity.
    I am truly grateful to CAHO for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be a part of such an innovative group of thinkers and implementers. I am also grateful to my organization for encouraging me and supporting CAHO all throughout. Of course, there are still people out there who continue asking “How did they do it?” My answer: “Come, join CAHO and you will know how it’s done.”

    Dr. Anna George

    Rajagiri Hospital, Aluva (Kochi)

  • Demand in Healthcare Industry of bringing all the HCOs under the gambit of quality and subsequently accreditation is at the peak. CAHO as an association of accredited HCOs has an important role in this field. We as members of CAHO are carrying on mentoring and hand-holding of non accredited hospitals in an organized way without commercial interest. In coming years, CAHO has an important role to play in healthcare industry

    Bhagat Hospitals Pvt.Ltd


  • CAHO is an organisation committed to help all healthcare institutes, laboratories and hospitals through the journey of quality. The basic idea is to help and guide those who are just starting on this journey, the helping hand being of those who have already embarked on the flight of quality and those who are members of the accrediting bodies. It is also a forum for discussing and understanding the requirements and amendments in the national and international standards of quality through conferences, CMEs and webinars. Our aim is to encourage all healthcare organisations to step into the realm of quality for the betterment of patient care and our dream is to lead these organisations onto the path of accreditation.

    Dr.Seema Bhargava